Cooks Tools Plastic Wrap Dispenser

Cooks Tools Plastic Wrap Dispenser

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Add some charisma to your kitchen with the ChicWrap Plastic Wrap Dispenser in the Cook’s Tools pattern. Plastic wrap is a must-have for keeping your leftovers fresh. This reusable dispenser is designed to be compatible with most standard plastic wrap rolls and comes with a roll inside for your convenience. This means you can order the ChicWrap refills or use rolls from your local grocery store. The ChicWrap dispenser is made of a pressed composite material with a plastic finish that wipes clean.

To make your dispenser even easier to use, it has non-slip feet along the base, so it won’t slip and slide while you try to tear off a sheet. Equipped with the patented ZipSafe® Slide Cutter, this dispenser cleanly slices through plastic wrap so you get perfectly even sheets every time. Don’t get frustrated, get the ChicWrap Plastic Wrap Dispenser in the Cook’s Tools pattern! 

Plastic Wrap Dispenser (Cook’s Tools) Features: 

  • Nonslip feet 
  • Made from high-quality composite 
  • Plastic finished wipes clean
  • Refill Dimensions: 12” x 250’
  • Dispenser Dimensions: 3” x 13.75” x 2.75”
  • Includes plastic wrap
    Patented ZipSafe® Slide Cutter
  • ChicWrap Plastic Wrap is: 
    • FDA-Approved
    • BPA-Free
    • Kosher Certified
    • Halal Certified
    • Microwave Safe